Miami from the Radisson

& the Carnival Center

Cruise ship row
Leaving Miami w/ship tailgating us; nice sunset Carnival's Cruise Itinerary page
Lido deck & pool, hot tubs, water slide  Some of the "Cruisers" 
a dog in the room? San Juan's old fort
Break time?  People watching in Old San Juan Scenic view-St.Thomas USVI
Me & the Pirate dude

St. Thomas, USVI 

Me at Senor Frog's in San Juan with their famous yard-long drink
The Carnival Freedom's 6-story lobby & glass-walled elevators My wife, Annette, and some scenery on the St. Thomas tour
Another towel creature Nice scenery from St. Peter's Botanical garden, St. Thomas
A scenic view of St. Maarten St. Maarten's unknown bricklayer
Carnival Freedom's BIG tv screen Old French fort in St. Martin
"Indian Rock" in the bay  












Notes and random thoughts...

It's good o be home! Cruising was fun, but, it has some drawbacks,  Read on...

  1. Bring a short extension cord or adapter but not the double/6-outlet plug-in kind.  Only 1 usable outlet in this interior "stateroom."
  2. Go Green!  The Spartans beat Penn State!  And Lloyd Carr is retiring following his "disappointing" 8-4 regular season.  Bye bye, Lloyd!
  3. The excursions you see listed on the site for the cruise don't list a price, just $ signs.  The one I wanted was $$$.  That equates to $400! Ouch!
  4. Good food, fast service on this "boat."  Gratuity is already included...
  5. Have your best "sea legs" with you because this thing does roll a bit in 8 to 12-foot waves.  "Rock me gently, rock me slowly..."
  6. Rats! The Bacardi Evening Experience in San Juan PR was canceled.  We'll go shopping and meet at Senor Frog's after.
  7. Scenic view pic has me holding a bottle of Carib beer...a nice ale taste!
  8. Rain in San Juan, rain in St. Thomas...can we catch a break?  At least it wasn't constant!
  9. Carnival's liquor policy really stinks! They prohibit bringing it to the cabin if bought on-shore because they want to sell you the high-priced drinks onboard.  However, the hooch can be bought in their store at lower prices for a liter than you'd pay in Michigan for a fifth.
  10. Carnival's high-priced wifi connection really sucked, but according to my wife, it's better than 2 years ago.  The connection dropped constantly when trying to upload 500kb pix for this web page.



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