The place is Senor Frog's, a goofy, risqué bar and (maybe) a restaurant with some 12 locations in the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii.  There's also one in Myrtle Beach, S.C.  I wasn't able to capture the routine on video, but a waitress would, for the price of a margarita-like drink, fill a two-container shot glass, cozy-up to a guy, drink it down, then turn him around, spank him, kick his butt, then turn him around again, grab his head, lower it to her chest and rub it several times.  With a female customer, the routine was slightly different.  If you need to know how different, ask me. 

There was also a goofy musical chairs-like contest without the chairs.  An equal number of guys & gals were paired-up onstage.  The gals would walk around the guys then jump into the nearest guy's arms when the music stopped. If one of the gal's feet touched the floor, out the couple went.  The prize was a yard-long drink like what I'm holding.  I do have that on video.

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