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5/12...North-bound Las Vegas Blvd South from the Riviera (and the bus stop). Nice pool at the Sahara. The sign.  I heard there's 245 tables & 2,500 entrants for the tourney! The Stratosphere in the background, Sahara's NASCAR coaster ride in the forground.
Slots A Fun.  I remember this place from the '90 tourney.  Heinekins were $1 then! Now they're $1.75.  Inflation! Saturday, 5/13 - Perhaps the coolest of them all, the Luxor. S. Las Vegas Blvd looking north at the Tropicana & MGM with the Excalibur & New York, New York on the left. The Stratosphere: A fellow tourist took this pic on the 109th floor,  the open air version of the glassed-in one on #108. The strip is off my left shoulder.
Sahara Hotel from the Strat. This is a tower on top of the Strat, one of 3 thrill rides.  No way did I go on it! The glassed-in 108th floor observation deck. Notice the ATM sign. There's one everywhere! 5/16 - I switched to a non-smoking room before Annette's arrival and have a better view in the deal.  This looks west at W. Sahara Blvd w/ the Sahara sign on S. Las Vegas Blvd in the foreground.


Saturday, 5/13...Bussing-it is a hassle on weekends - too many tourists!  It took me about 2 hours to ride to The Luxor & back to The Sahara , not including time for the $1.75 Heinekin at Slots A Fun or the 99 draft at The Frontier.  Only 2 pix to show for it!  Going to see Don Rickles at The Stardust tonight!    The Show - Don Rickles was as crazy as ever!  Larry King was at the theater entrance posing for pix with people when I noticed who the "special guest" was - his wife Shawn is a purty good singer.  Rickles was asking guys their nationality - one said "Lithuanian," to which Rickles said "Son of a bitch, I don't have a joke for that one."  Great show!

Sunday, 5/14...Round 2 of the Men's Singles Tourney at the Riviera.  I'm in the losers bracket.  :(  Wish me luck!  Later...I won the match in Round 2 but lost the 3rd round game.  Oh well, I having a great time anyway!  Later tonight...Pix and maybe an .avi file from the 108th floor observation deck of The Stratosphere Hotel & Casino!  Notice the Pool Pix page link on the bottom right link bar.

Monday, 5/15...Yes, I did do The Strat, as I call it, and it didn't disappoint!  Well worth the $10 admission charge for the fabulous view.  I did take some video footage, but I'll have to do some editing after returning to wet & soggy Michigan.  It's hard to hold a cam without a shake showing on the screen, especially when zooming in on something.  Today was kind of a wash as I overslept and spent too much time at The Riviera watching and waiting for the Men's Grand Master Singles play.  I didn't return to The Sahara until after 7pm, so I'm calling it a day and will do The Start Trek Experience at The Hilton tomorrow.  Still want to do the Area51 tour on Wednesday.  It's overcast here, first clouds I have seen since last Friday.

Tuesday, 5/16...Ooops, I goofed on the date.  I switched rooms today and have a better view.  I'll be doing the Star Trek Experience at the Hilton this afternoon and the Fremont Street Experience tonight then the Area51 tour tomorrow.  Should have lots of pix from that!  See wifi.html for 2 more pix.

New Stuff...My Las Vegas Trip Pix Slide Show is done.  Note that it is a 26mb file and could take a long time to download if you don't have a broadband connection.  Get it by clicking this.

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